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DAAD endorsed yet again the MEG program by granting it the EPOS-Funding 2017-2024!

We are delighted to announce that DAAD has finally approved our re-application within the EPOS-Funding program. This means that funding for up to seven or eight scholarships per year exclusively to MEG for students from developing countries and countries in transition is secured until the year 2024! In 2023 we would then have to re-apply again.

Since our first successful application in 2006 about 60 fellowships have been provided to MEG students under the EPOS-scheme, covering the living and travel costs for the two-year program. Additionally, the MEG program gets extra means for tutorials under the scheme. This has summed up in the past to more than a million € in total. For more information about the EPOS-scheme click here

We are very grateful to the DAAD for this continued support and trust in MEG program. MEG would definitely not have been such a success story without the rich perspectives that students bring from developing countries and countries in transition. Their wide participation in the program would also most likely not be possible without the funding from the DAAD! All in all, this led to MEG growing into a network of more than 300 students and alumni from 89 different nations till today – truly the 'United Nations of Students'. A more detailed coverage can be found here in German.