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MEG-9 Graduation Party

Just before the year ended in 2015, the class of MEG9 celebrated their graduation party in the Peterhofkeller of the University on 27th November. It was a fun-filled event with highlights from the graduating students reminiscing about their journey over the past two years together as a team.

Cynthia and Robert from MEG9 put on a stunning dance performance on stage, followed by students from MEG11 delivering a heartfelt song and ukulele show as a farewell gift to the MEG9 generation. 

The evening continued well into the night with food and dance, as the MEG9 gathered once more to celebrate before most of them will go into their separate ways to pursue their careers in various fields. 

We wish the MEG9 students all the best in their future endeavours and hope to keep in touch though the MEG Alumni Network! For more information on the MEG-9 students please click here