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Science, Sustainability and Art Series 29 June – 12 July 2015

Throughout 29 June – 12 July 2015, the provocative series of lectures, workshops and theatre performance "Science, Sustainability and Art –  Exploring tools for transformation" will uncover the use of art in the field of sustainability science.


From biology to sociology, politics and research to pedagogy, this transdisciplinary series brings together sustainability scientists and practitioners from a wide breadth of disciplines and countries, who in some way or another use art as a tool for their research. 


Organised by the Freiburg Scientific Theatre, the series will be held over the summer and winter semesters of 2015, at the Herderbau building, and is open to students, researchers and members of the public from all academic domains. 


The lectures and weekend workshops will be held in room 400 at the Herderbau, Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources (Herderbau, Tennenbacher Str. 4). 


Workshops require prior registration


The upcoming Summer Edition  also includes a public performance by the FST of their new play “Paradise Vetoed – Stories of Climate Change” to be held on 2July 2015 at 20h, at the Nouage Fou Theatre (Lutherkirch Str. 1) -not to be missed!


Check out the Summer Programme (29 June - 12 July) at:   


Or download programme here!