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MEG Alumni Event 2017

MEG Alumni are getting together in Freiburg from March 10 - 12, 2017 for a variety of activities. Any alumni interested in attending should please send a message to

Attention all MEG Alumni!

Remember the excitement you felt in the first few weeks of the MEG? New faces, new topics, new challenges… It’s time to bring back that positive energy at the MEG Alumni Event!

This year our Annual Event is March 10th - 12th, 2017 in Freiburg.

The Program:

  • Fri 18:00 @ Feierling: Meet up for food & drinks
  • Sat 9:45-17:30 @ Herderbau: Together we will create the “Sound(s) of Polarity”(*)
  • Sun 10:30 @ Schwabentor: Hike to St. Ortilien


(*) In the "Sound(s) of Polarity", facilitated by Luís Vieira and Friederike Gezork, we will first explore the act of listening as part of our experience, our communication and perception of our surroundings. By listening to the environment, we will figure out which sounds are present, how they have changed over time and how humans have had an impact on the soundscape. We will then experiment with creating rhythms and sounds ourselves and use tools to listen and record to the polarity around us. Further information on the activities and facilitators:

The MEG Annual Event is held in parallel to the Environmental Laureates Convention, which has some events open to the public (this year -> opening on Thu eve, keynotes on Fri eve):

If you want to (a) catch up with MEG friends, (b) see Freiburg, (c) meet new like-minded people, (d) leave the event with fresh perspectives and new ideas and (e) create the sound of polarity, then: send an email to with:

  1. Your First & Last Name
  2. Your MEG Generation
  3. Your attendance: Friday (Y/N?) / Saturday (Y/N?) / Sunday (Y/N?)


There is no participation fee, but you will need to pay for your own drinks and meals when we go out. Lunch on Sat will be either DAAD-sponsored catering or a pot luck. Hope to see you there!

-The MEG Alumni Committee