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A key feature of the MEG programme is the geographic diversity of its students: some 87 different nations across six continents are represented by current students and alumni. This gathering of world citizens provides a unique opportunity for intercultural exchange inside and outside of the classroom. Further, our growing and global community is a helpful asset for students to pursue careers around the world after leaving university.

This map depicts the home countries of our students and alumni.

This diversity extends to disciplinary backgrounds as well. Before coming to Freiburg, our students studied and worked in business, political science, engineering, natural resource management, and a wide array of other fields. Meet the present and past generations of MEG students and see where they come from!

MEG17 (2021-2023)

MEG16 (2020-2022)

MEG15 (2019-2021)

MEG14 (2018-2020)

MEG13 (2017-2019)

MEG12 (2016-2018)

MEG11 (2015-2017)

MEG10 (2014-2016)

MEG9 (2013-2015)

MEG8 (2012-2014)

MEG7 (2011-2013)

MEG6 (2010-2012)

MEG5 (2009-2011)

MEG4 (2008-2010)

MEG3 (2007-2009)

MEG2 (2006-2008)

MEG1 (2005-2007)