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Other scholarship options

Scholarship for candidates from Eastern European countries

The Alfred Toepfer Scholarship, funded by the Alfred Toepfer Foundation, is aimed candidates from eastern European countries under 30 years, who finish their studies at a German university. The scholarship programme funds only the final phase (2nd year) of a master program. For more information, visit

KAAD (Katholischer Akademischer Austauschdienst)

Funds undergraduate and postgraduate students from abroad. Funding is based on the need for specialists in the applicant’s home country; catholic laymen with religious beliefs who are actively involved in church are supported. In exceptional cases non Catholics may be supported.; requirements: above average academic qualifications, personal integrity, willingness to share knowledge to serve society and the church in the applicants home country, good knowledge of the German langauge or the ability to improve the language skills within an acceptable period of time. For more information, visit KAAD.


For more information, visit Querdenker Stipendium.