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DAAD/EPOS Scholarships for Young Professionals from Developing Countries

About the DAAD-EPOS scholarship

The “Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst” (DAAD) has selected the MEG programme as a development-related postgraduate course and so the programme can offer a limited number of EPOS ScholarshipsCandidates will be selected first by the programme committee of the MEG programme. In a second step, DAAD will check our selection carefully. 

Target group 

Young professionals from developing countries (DAC countries) with an academic degree far above average and with at least two years of relevant professional experience.

Selection Criteria and Application Requirements

 Checklist please read page 1 and 2 of the checklist


Application deadline for winter semester 2025

 15 October 2024
Applications can be handed in from July 15 to October 15, 2024

Application process step-by step (update 22.01.2024)

Step 1 -  Complete the OEA here

In order to know if you are eligible to apply for this programme, please check the above listed admission requirements. If you think you fulfill the requirements, please complete as the next step the Online Eligibility Assessment (OEA) with all the required information. Within one week you will receive an e-mail confirming if you are eligible to apply or not. If so, please follow step 2. 
Important: The OEA does not substitute the written application, but it helps to determine whether you are eligible to apply or not. Therefore we recommend that you submit the OEA first and only continue with Step 2 and 3 if you are invited to do so by us.
Please note: OEAs will be processed only until October 8.

Step 2 - Your application documents

  • All documents listed below have to be merged into one single PDF file, compressed, and sent to
  • Referees have to send their references directly to , not to the applicant.
  • All documents must be sent electronically by October 15. Incomplete applications cannot be considered. It is not possible to send documents after the deadline.
  • If you hand in the documents listed above, there is no need to submit additional documents required in the DAAD application form (e.g. project outline). Please contact us, if you need help to merge and/or compress the PDF files

Step 3 - List of Application documents

1) Signed DAAD Application Form (download DAAD Application Form)

2) Application documents for DAAD scholarhip  (the documents listed here are mandatory. Please read carefully and make sure that you submit the documents exactly the way it is required. If a stamp or a signature is missing DAAD rejects the application)

3) MEG Application form (download MEG application form)

4  MEG Motivation Letter in English, following the Guideline for Motivation Letter

If you are applying - apart from MEG - to other Master programmes of the DAAD-EPOS programme, you have to write an additional motivation letter in which you explain why you are applying for these specific courses and why you have chosen the order of priority.
The letter should be a maximum of two A4 pages long, should refer to your current occupation, your motivation for further study and related to that, to your order of priority.  It has to include date and signature. Without this letter, DAAD will exclude you from the application process. You can apply for maximum three DAAD-EPOS master programmes.

Two recommendations

  • One from a university professor/lecturer
  • One from your current or a former employer
  • Please do not send us the two recommendations, but instead, create a PDF file with only the names and contact dates of your two referees and send it to us. Letters which you upload yourself cannot be recognised.
  • Ask both referees to write Reference Letter. There is no template for the reference letter, though it ought to have a letterhead, signature, official stamp, and must be of current date.

Bachelor’s Degree certificate (original and certified translations if necessary).

Transcript of Records (original and certified translation if necessary). 

  • The transcript must contain your final grade/GPA and the grading system of your university. Please send both the original language version and the translated version in one PDF.
  • Applicants who already have a Master's degree in a similar subject area are not eligible for a DAAD scholarship. However, this does not apply to students from India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in case they hold only a 3-year Bachelor. It could be that they need in addition at least a 1-year Master degree to qualify for admission.

English Language Certificate (originals or certified copies)

  • We accept TOEFL (iBT 100 points, PBT 600), IELTS (Band 7) or Cambridge (level C1). Please note that TOEFL Certificates cannot be older than 2 years. For the other certificates there is no limited validity. If the institution sends the certificate directly to us or makes it available electronically please send us a screenshot of the result. Our TOEFL code number is 8692, dept. code 99. Note: We are registered for TOEFL and IELTS online verification.
  • Applicants who followed their COMPLETE university studies in an Anglophone country or in a country where English is the official language can be exempted from the language proof. They have to upload an official certificate from their University confirming that English was the medium of instruction.

Proof of two years of work experience

  • Certificate(s) of employment from the employer(s) that prove a minimum of two years of relevant working experience after the first degree (bachelor) at the time of application. Employment dates have to be specified. Internships and volunteer jobs are not accepted.
  • If possible, a guarantee of re-employment from the current employer upon returning home.

APS Certificate (compulsory only for applicants from China, India and Vietnam)

Step 4 -  Waiting for results / Interview

You will be notified by the end of January about the first results of the selection process. If you are nominated for the short-list an interview will follow. Only after the interview, the selection of scholarship candidates will be finalised. By mid-February, the final results will be communicated.

In case of admission, you will have to bring the originals or certified copies of your application documents to  Freiburg and present them when matriculating.  You don´t have to submit them, you just have to show them.