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Immediate measures from the University of Freiburg to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

A message from the Rector of the University of Freiburg, Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans-Jochen Schiewer:

(Status March 13, 2020)

1. Until further notice, the start of the lecture period for the 2020 summer semester will be April 20, 2020. Until then, all those responsible in the rectorate, faculties and central operating facilities are working hard to reduce the risk of infection for students, teachers and staff as far as possible by means of digital teaching formats and other measures. Further details will be communicated shortly.

2. Current in-person courses will be cancelled up to and including April 19, 2020. This applies to courses and preparatory and introductory courses for students, but also to all other events such as continued education for teaching staff and employees and university sports. Other third-party events at the university will also be cancelled. The University will make every effort to provide a digital version of the courses cancelled during the above-mentioned period. Otherwise, replacement courses will be offered at a later date, if necessary. Compulsory internships during the course of studies which do not take place at the university, such as industrial internships, can be continued, but the continuation is at the discretion of the internship provider.

3. Conferences, meetings and other public events with external participants shall be cancelled until the resumption of teaching activities.

4. The University Library and all subject libraries are closed until further notice. There is no obligation to return borrowed media during the period of closure. Administration, infrastructure facilities and operating units will continue to work for the time being. Studies and research should be maintained as far as possible to avoid hardship for those affected. The Student Service Center is switching to advice and service by telephone and e-mail. Enrollment will be carried out via online workflow. In all other respects, the rules for dealing with the situation as published on the relevant university website ( apply. These are constantly being adapted to the latest developments. Please observe them.

5. The public is requested to enter university buildings and facilities only for reasons of critical importance. University museums, collections and the like will remain closed to the public until further notice.

6. In the interest of students and doctoral candidates, the in-person university examinations will be cancelled for the time being up to and including April 19, 2020; students do not have to submit an application to withdraw from the examination for these in-person examinations cancelled by the University. The Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg is currently trying to clarify the situation regarding state examinations with the responsible state examination offices. Information on the results will be provided as soon as possible. The faculties and the rectorate are compiling an examination overview which is constantly updated. All deadlines for final theses and seminar papers are extended by the duration of the library’s closure, i.e. by five weeks according to current information. In addition, registration for modules whose prerequisites cannot be met due to the regulations can be made subject to reservation.

7. Parents who are unable to perform their duties at work, or only to a limited extent, because they have to fulfil their care obligations after the closure of schools and day care centers, are granted mobile or home work opportunities in agreement with their superiors. The personnel law framework conditions are clarified with the aim of a pragmatic, employee-friendly and flexible approach.

8. The city of Freiburg has decided to ban all public and private events, meetings and assemblies with a minimum of 50 participants in order to contain the coronavirus. The order is initially limited until April 20, 2020 at midnight. Meetings and discussion groups with more than five participants should therefore be avoided with immediate effect. This also applies to committee meetings (e.g. Senate, University Council, faculty committees). Alternatively, video or telephone conferences can be held. Exceptions require special urgency and approval in consultation with the Rectorate or the committee representatives.

9. Business trips to COVID risk areas shall not be authorized until further notice; authorizations already granted shall be revoked. All teachers, students and researchers returning from the risk areas classified by the Robert Koch Institute must maintain a two-week self-quarantine.

10. All members of the university are called upon to follow the recommendations of the Federal Centre for Health Education pertaining to all educational institutions. ( .

11. The University shall continually update its plans and measures for informing members and the public at short notice and comprehensively. We therefore urge the members of the University to check the above-mentioned website and their e-mail inbox at regular intervals for new tips and information.

12. The Studierendenwerk and the University Medical Center Freiburg are following particular measures that are currently being coordinated.

Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans-Jochen Schiewer

Rektor der Universität Freiburg


D-79085 Freiburg

Telefon 0761 203 4315/4243

Telefax 0761 203 4390