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Field trip to the United Nations and international NGOs in Geneva and Gland

Gland_Geneva_sofie hovmand17

Ben Simmons on Green Growth Knowledge Platform at the International Environment House in Geneva.

We, the fourteenth MEG generation went to Geneva and Gland to study the system of global environmental governance. On the excursion, we met with representatives from various types of organizations at the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Palais des Nations, and the International Environment House. In and around these beautiful venues, we gain insights into the practical field of environment and development which will not soon be forgotten. 

Gland_Geneva_sofie hovmand1

MEG14 discussing principles of nature conservation and sustainable use of natural resources at the UICN.


Testimony by Owembabazi Ambrose Kibuuka

It was interesting to visit the arenas for negotiation of International Environmental Treaties. One of my key learnings was, that nation states have the primary mandate to implement the treaties. As citizens and experts, we have a role to play to enable the states to achieve that goal."


Group photo in front of Palais des Nations.

Gland_Geneva_sofie hovmand16

Jost Dittkrist from the Knowledge and Risk Unit, Economy Division, UN Environment.

Gland_Geneva_sofie hovmand7

Inside the impressive Assembly Hall of Palais des Nations.


Photos: Sofie Hovmand