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Welcome to MEG!

The M.Sc. -programme Environmental Governance (MEG) was established in 2005 to train leaders to be able to reconcile different social perspectives with regard to the sustainable use of environmental resources as a basis for sustainable development - for any development, at any scale from local to global, and in any context worldwide. Every year, around 35 outstanding students are selected based on criteria of excellence and geographical representation.


Blog and Announcements

Virtual Graduation for MEG14 


Two years have passed since the MEG14 generation started their studies in Freiburg. Due to the corona restrictions, the celebration will take place online.

Join our digital celebration today at 4:30 PM (UTC/GMT +2 hours).


MEG16: Worldwide Welcome


The new MEG generation has officially started their first semester. On Wednesday, the students met for the very first time in a virtual space that united time zones across the world.



oct 2018_hovmandAn extraordinary time to become a student


Unusually, this year's semester start takes place online rather than at the faculty [...] In this extraordinary time, we are looking just as much forward to welcoming the next cohort of students, who will become the sixteenth generation of the MEG programme! Until then, stay safe and take care of yourself and each other.




MEG Newsletter fall 2019_resources_cover

The MEG Newsletter is published annually. It contains the latest news and developments of the course as well as articles written by students and coordinators on a wide range of topics.

MEG Newsletter Fall 2019: Resources "For Greta Thunberg 'time' is a crucial resource for tackle the climate crisis. Instead of raising fingers with a you-didn't-act-in time message this newsletter looks beyond and above the ticking clock by exploring various and valuable resources with relation to MEG."