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Master Thesis

This page includes guidelines, as well as information about funding, topics offered by the faculty, and previous students' topics.

M.Sc.-Thesis: Coronation of higher academic education

Many people see the writing of an M.Sc.-thesis as the coronation of higher academic education. And indeed, the importance of the thesis work is reflected by the prominent role it takes within the whole M.Sc.-programme. After completing core and elective subjects in the educational programme the thesis offers the challenge to set up and to carry out a scientific research project in a self-responsible manner under the guidance of an experienced supervisor.

Thesis guidelines and application documents

  1. Administrative Guidelines: Administrative matters to start writing a thesis (Choosing a supervisor, registration, deadline, etc)
  2. Guidelines on how to write a Master Thesis: How to prepare for a master thesis what are the steps to write one (necessary skills, selecting a topic, looking for literature, grading, etc)
  3. Master Thesis registration form *CORONA UPDATE* 
  4. Master Thesis cover page template 
All necessary forms are found on the Faculty website.

Funding opportunities

The university provides various sources of grants for Master thesis research. 


Previous thesis topics


Possible Thesis Topics

Please contact the respective supervisors or sponsors if you are interested in any of the following thesis topics. Click on the links below for more information.
Michael Pregernig (Sustainability Governance)
Philipp Späth (Sustainability Governance)