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Selected Topic

During the master's, students have the opportunity to replace a maximum of two elective modules with a 'selected topic paper' - a scientific paper. Students may also take external modules instead of an elective.
During the MEG programme, up to two elective modules may be replaced with a scientific paper on a special topic or through attending an external module.

Scientific Paper

Under the supervision of a professor, students may choose to write a scientific paper instead of attending an elective. The research topic must be approved by the director of the programme and the supervising professor. While the paper need not be completed within the same three week time frame as the elective module, a schedule for completion must be approved by the supervising professor. The application form for a scientific paper as selected topic is available here and must be submitted to the examination office before you start working on your paper.  
For further information, please view these informal guidelines.

External Modules

External modules can be recognised as "Selected Topic" and substitute an elective module. Both workload and academic requirements have to be comparable to modules in the MEG programme. Please contact the programme director for approval of the external module. It will be recognised only if approved beforehand.