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Team building


MEG10 Team building weekend
by Mariya Ukhanova, MEG10 (Uzbekistan)The picturesque Black Forest was filled with Christmas spirit, the winter air transforming words into little clouds of vapor. Inside, the 10th generation of MEG students was engaged in the traditional teambuilding weekend – discussions, interactive exercises, short presentations and informal lectures to enliven the otherwise silent mountains. The weekend is also intended to help to group become a team in planning their common project – the student-organized event. This is essential for 37 students to work together towards one goal. Here are some thoughts about the weekend:


“This weekend gave me a nice opportunity to talk with my classmates and get to know them better. It reminded me of the importance of communicating diverse perspectives.” Maya Takimoto (Japan)
“I like that we got the opportunity to meet in an informal context. We had space to interact as a group, uninterrupted.”Melchior Elsler (Germany)

“It was a productive weekend which opened an arena for communication. It was also very useful for understanding how the group works and how roles are distributed.” Charlene Märek (USA)“We learnt important lessons about giving feedback: The choice of words really matters and emotions should be detached. We also discovered our different strengths, as well as the need to be mutually supportive." Millicent Omala (Kenya)
"In these two short days, we combined new knowledge, insights, emotions, and inspiration with a visit to a Weihnachtsmarkt [Christmas market], nature walks, and lots of fun together!" Iryna Novak (Belarus)