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Student Organised Event

Recent changes to the MEG curriculum have shifted the Student Organized Event (SOE) to an optional elective module that takes place in the beginning of the third semester. In previous years, the SOE-Module was a required component of the MEG programme.

In the elective SOE-Module, students have an opportunity to conceptualise, develop and organise a forum focusing on how environmental governance is carried out by market, state and civil society coordination mechanisms. The general aim of this exercise is for students to foster discussion, cooperation, and group work abilities. Additionally, the SOE seeks to plant the seeds of sustainable development and wise leadership in a new general of global citizens, namely students, junior staff from NGOs, administrations, enterprises as well as senior personnel and the wider public. 

The elective SOE-Module is suggested as an alternative only for students already possessing a very strong and proven scientific research record. All other students are strongly encouraged to take the standard “Research Design in Environmental Governance” elective module.

For further information on the various SOEs organised by the past MEG generations, please feel free to take a look at the MEG Forum website!