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How to apply

Step-by-step application procedure

Application procedure

Step 1 - Online Eligibility Assessment (OEA)

can be done at any time of the year

Complete the OEA here

In order to know if you are eligible to apply for this programme, please check first the Admission Requirements. If you think you fulfill the requirements, please complete as the next step the Online Eligibility Assessment (OEA) with all the required information. Within the next two weeks, you will receive an e-mail confirming if you are eligible to apply. If so, further information regarding the application process can be found in step 2. 

Important: The OEA does not substitute the written application, but it helps to determine whether you are eligible to apply or not. Therefore we recommend that you submit the OEA first and only continue with Step 2 and 3 if you are invited to do so by us.

Step 2 - Online Application

Applicants can upload documents until 24:00, 15 May 2020

Referees can be sent to or until 24:00, 15 May 2020

The online application portal is open from March 20 (sorry, we still have some technical problems, delayed to March 25)  to May 15. Please note that the portal is not available between 3:00 and 6:00 a.m. Central European time. Switch the language to English in the bottom right corner of the screen.
All documents must be uploaded online (by May 15) and in the case of admission, presented physically upon matriculation. Incomplete applications will not be considered. It is not possible to send or upload documents after the deadline.

Due to delays caused by the coronavirus, English proofs can also be sent after May 15. In the application portal please upload the confirmation of your test date instead of the proof. At the very latest, the English proof has to be presented upon matriculation, in case of admission. For more information visit TOEFL or IELTS.


Please upload the following documents:

2.1. Curriculum Vitae in English, please do not include a photo.

2.2. Motivation Letter in English, following this guideline.

2.3. Two Recommendations

  • Put the names, affiliations, and addresses of your two referees on two letters an upload them. At least one reference has to be from a university professor/lecturer. The second can be from an employer. If you cannot provide an employer reference, send two academic references.
  • Ask your referees to download and complete the MEG Referees Questionnaire and to write a reference letter (there is no template for the reference letter). The referees need to sign (can be electronically)  both documents before sending them by e-mail to or by postal mail to the address indicated on the questionnaire.

2.4. Transcript of Records (original and certified translation if necessary). 

  • The transcript must contain your final grade/GPA and the grading system. If necessary, it has to be translated into English or German. Please upload both the original language version and the translated version in one PDF.
  • If you have not yet finished your Bachelor degree please upload your current transcript. It is no problem to apply without a completed degree as long as you will be able to present your completed bachelor degree by the end of  September 2020 when you matriculate (in case of beeing selected for a study place).

2.5. Bachelor’s Degree certificate (original and certified translations if necessary). 

  • Exception: Students from the US and Canada do not have to send a degree certificate it the transcript shows that the degree was awarded.
  • If you have not yet finished your Bachelor Degree, you have to upload confirmations of your university about the number of credits obtained so far (if not stated in the transcript of records); about the grading of the final thesis (if applicable and it not stated in the transcript); about submission or registration of the final thesis (if not stated in the transcript)

2.6. English Language Certificate (originals or certified copies). 

  • Certificates cannot be older than 2 years. We accept either TOEFL (iBT 100 points, PBT 600), IELTS (Band 7) or Cambridge (level C1). 
  • If the institution will send the certificate directly to us, please upload a screenshot of the result. Note: We are registered for TOEFL and IELTS online verification. Our TOEFL code number is 8692, dept. code 99. Native English speakers are exempted. They shall upload a copy of their passport.
  • Applicants who followed their COMPLETE university studies in English can also be exempted from the English Certificate. They have to upload an official certificate from the university confirming that English was the medium of instruction. 
  • Note: Students from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have to provide TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge certificate in ALL cases.

2.7. APS Certificate (compulsory only for applicants from China, Vietnam, and Mongolia)

2.8. Proof of work experience, internships and stays abroad (not mandatory): 

  • With these proofs, you can improve your grade in the selection process. (e.g. letter from employers, certificates, etc.). Starting and finishing dates must be clearly specified in the proof in order to be valid. 
  • Note: This is not a compulsory requirement, but if you want these factors to increase your processing grade, you have to upload them.


Step 3 - Admission


You will be notified by mid-June about the results of the selection process.
In case you get admission you will have to bring the originals or certified copies of the original documents to  Freiburg and present them when matriculating.  You don´t have to submit them, you just have to show them.

Application Procedure under DAAD Scholarship

The “Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst” (DAAD) has selected the MEG programme as a postgraduate course with special relevance to developing countries and is offering a limited number of scholarships.

For more information on application deadlines, procedures, and required documents for DAAD Applicants click here.


Application deadline

See application deadlines


NOTE: For further information on admission eligibility, application procedure, or anything related to the programme, kindly address your questions to the faculty directly and not through the contact form on the website. Contact details of faculty staff in charge can be found here